From time to time if things are quiet on the servicing front, I buy in items that are in need of a little care and attention and bring them back up to a good running standard.   Items on this page then are mostly second hand and will have been re-conditioned or at the very least, serviced.  Unless otherwise stated, locomotives will have a 6 month “return to me” warranty. (Warranty excludes "consumables": - brushes; tyres; lamps)


I also have a good stock of all the usual spare parts and consumables (Brushes, Pick-ups, tyres, lamps, etc.)  


I will buy second hand Märklin or Hamo items.   email me with what you're wanting to quit, so I can arrange to view.  Not in Auckland?  That's OK send me a few good pix and an honest description and I should be able to give you a price.













I can convert most (if not, all) of the locomotives listed to digital operation with Marklin MFX or other decoders, and high efficiency motor sets . 

Send me an email if you’re interested in any of the items below




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Märklin   Cat # Description Price
3001 Sorry, Sold $50


With Telex coupling on tender


3034 Sorry,  Sold  
3037 Very Good.  Smooth runner   $130
3090 Clean looking loco in nice condition,  Great for the kids to play with $35
3165 Good-Average condition, runs well. $120
4007, 4008 Set of 2 x  4wheel coaches plus luggage van.   Good  $45
4017 Early tinplate SBB/CFF Luggage Van $30
4020, 4021 Early SJ Coach set.  Very Good $70
4029 Sleeping Car - Good $30
4116 SNCB Coach.   Excellent $35
4144, 4167 Pair of 27cm OBB coaches.  V Good $65
4175, 76, 77 Set of 3 Beige Green Coaches.  Excellent Condition $100
4437 Beer Wagon.  Excellent $25
4563 Sorry, Sold  
4610 Sorry,  Sold  
4619a Sliding Rood wagon.  Like new $30
4620 Refrigerated wagon.  Good   $25
4634 Beer Wagon.   Good $25
4669 Beer Wagon.   Good $25
4934 Beer wagon.   Good/Average $20
See List M Track   Quantity of 2nd hand track      Average Condition From $1 / piece