In the last few years, the repair work and digital conversions has become such a drain on my time that I have had to suspend all such practical activities.   Happily though, I have been able to hand this work over to my friend Kevin Hayne.  Kevin has been doing digital conversions and other work for some time now, and I'm pleased to be able to recommend his services.




Servicing and Repairs

Maybe there's nothing really wrong with your engine except that over the years it has become sluggish or noisy, perhaps it doesn't start moving until the throttle is at half step, perhaps it doesn't start moving at all in spite of the Preiserling shed crew labouring all night to get a decent head of steam up for the driver.   

Maybe you've just pulled your loco out of a box where it's been for the last 20 years and you'd like it running like a youngster again, or perhaps the engine was pulled to pieces by your 7 year old and you've never quite been able to find all the parts.


If you've just faced a deputation of Preiserlings complaining about the railway tyre that bounced down the main road, bowled over old Mrs. Pratchett, and finished up lying in the middle of their recreation reserve, I won't risk the ire of the Preiserlings by intruding to take the old tyre off your layout, but Kevin can will put a new one on your engine for you - No job too small.

Whatever ails it, it was made by a human being, Märklin engines are built to last, and even if it means resuscitating from the long-since-dead, the chances are it can be restored and made to run like it used to all those years ago.   Email Kevin with details of your loco and what you'd like done, and he should be able to give you a reasonable idea of cost.  


See also some simple tips on care of your locomotive and how to avoid the necessity of having to have it repaired in the first place.

A well worn armature from a client's loco.  Note the groove in the sprocket teeth caused by many revolutions of meshing with the next gear.

Needless to say, the Preserlings were sick of sitting in their coach listening to the graunching noises from the motor, but not moving any nearer their destination.

















Digital Conversions

Do you like the way these new digital locos run, but can't afford to buy one just now?   Are you converting your layout to digital, bought some new state of the art locos, but don't want to part with all your 1960s old timers? - that's fine, they can usually be converted to digital and will run just as smoothly as their more modern counterparts.     Email Kevin with details of your loco and what you'd like done, and he should be able to give you a reasonable idea of cost.  

Digital Conversion on a  3089 BR03 with lokpilot decoder and high Performance motor.     Note that in this loco the standard 60924 type motor shield cannot be used "out of the box" because the brush springs foul the body.   Some surgery was required on the motor shield to invert the brush-holders before fitting.


There are several options for digital conversion, mostly centering around the choice of motor and decoders.   I have a choice of decoder types on hand ready to give new life to your old-timer (or not-so-old-timer): - MFX (mLD3, mSD3); lokpilot; 60760; etc.  














Spare Parts

While kept primarily for my/Kevin's servicing work, I have a range of over 500 line items of Marklin spare parts in stock at all times.   I'm happy to supply you with all the usual consumables and replacement parts:- tyres; pick-ups; brushes; lenses; gears etc., plus some of the more rarely used and "hard to get" parts  .   Reasonable prices - Email me with your requirements.