The Train Doctor


In some of these articles, and indeed in other places on this website, you'll find references to Preiserlings, the little plastic people that populate one's layout to a greater or lesser degree. 
Now you may be thinking that some of these references are a little overboard in that Presierlings don't have emotions or feelings as we larger people do, and certainly they can't talk or socialise amongst themselves.

Be assured that this is not the case - They may be made of plastic, but it's not that horrible artificial plastic.  I have it on the best authority that the plastic used is 100% natural, organically grown, free-range plastic.  Only the best will suffice.  Of course Preiserlings have feelings,  it's just a pity that I (along with most others) pay them absolutely no heed.


Trains in High Places:  Dennis's own layout (as it was last he had it down from the ceiling a year or so back, but panic not, plans are afoot to rebuild/rejuvenate or whatever it takes to be able to run trains again).

The Maintenance Men:  The frustrations of Preserling Shed Crew life (and don't over oil the running gear lest your Preiserlings finish up with a headache).