Dennis Whitlock is the Train Doctor.   I have been a self confessed Model Railway Nutter and Märklin fanatic for longer than I care to remember, and if it wasn't for this fanaticism I guess I never would have started out servicing model railway engines.  I mean, what sane rational person would do that?  And really when it boils down to it, this is just a way of attempting to get my hobby to pay for itself. 

Sometime in the 1960s during a fit of over enthusiasm, I managed to break the inner winding end of the field coil on my Märklin 3000 tank engine.  It never occurred to me to go to the Märklin agent of the time and try and obtain a part with which to fix it (I doubt now, that he would have had one anyway), I just took the coil out and re-wound it myself by hand.

I have been repairing and servicing my own model railway engines ever since and the 3000 tank loco still runs very well thank you, albeit with a 5 pole motor and a digital conversion kit. 

A few years back I decided I should utilise my model train repairs experience by helping others keep their railways running like they ought to, and with my retirement from a "real job" fast approaching, it seemed like an interesting way of trying to prevent the hobby from being too much of a drain on the household finances.  In the last few years, the repair work has been a considerable drain on my time, and I have now handed this work over to my friend Kevin Hayne.  Kevin has been doing digital conversions and other work for some time now, and I'm happy to recommend his services.

And why Märklin?  Because On the occasions when I run "other brand" locos on my layout for testing purposes, I have to deal with vociferous and strident Preiserlings demanding removal of the shoddy foreigners from "their" layout, and seeking assurances that it isn't going to happen again.  Apart from that, I believe Märklin is best of breed. It's what I cut my teeth on and with its quality German engineering, it is normally a pleasure to work on.  It's my hobby and I work on what I know and love.